"WebhookScript" Custom Action screenshot

WebhookScript is an easy to use scripting language designed for executing Web-related actions on incoming requests.

While the other actions like Extract Regex and Send Email allows you to create flows in a visual editor, WebhookScript makes it quicker to create more advanced logic.

WebhookScript can be combined with other Custom Actions as data can be shared between them using Variables.


The syntax is very similar to PHP and JavaScript. See also the full language specification.

products = [
  'apple':     ['price': 10],
  'blueberry': ['price': 1],
  'cake':      ['price': 550]

shouldAddVat = var('request.query.vat');
selectedProduct = var('request.query.product');

if (!selectedProduct) {
    respond('Please select a product!', 500)

price = products[selectedProduct]['price'];

if (shouldAddVat == 1) {
    price = price * 1.25;

    'Your price is {}'.format(price),


"WebhookScript" Custom Action screenshot

The editor has syntax highlighting, and below it is data relating to the current and previous actions:

  • Debug outputs shows the outputs of all the actions, with the current action being edited or created marked in blue.

  • Response shows details of the response of the URL formatted in JSON.

  • Variables is a table of all current available variables for use in the script with the var() function or variables array.

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