WebhookScript is an easy to use scripting language designed for executing Web-related actions on incoming requests.

While the other actions like Extract Regex and Send Email allows you to create flows in a visual editor, WebhookScript makes it quicker to create more advanced logic.


The syntax is very similar to PHP and JavaScript. See also the full language specification.


Take a look at the language reference described above for more information about the properties of the different types.

  • Bool
  • Number
  • String
  • Regex
  • Array
  • Function

Returns the type name of value, e.g. string.


"WebhookScript" Custom Action screenshot

The editor has syntax highlighting, and below it is data relating to the current and previous actions:

  • Debug outputs shows the outputs of all the actions, with the current action being edited or created marked in blue.

  • Response shows details of the response of the URL formatted in JSON.

  • Variables is a table of all current available variables for use in the script with the var() function or variables array.

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