News & Changelog

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28 March 2019

  • New feature: Schedules lets you request any URL – including URLs – automatically on an interval, so you can for example run Custom Actions every 5 minutes, or make a health check for your Web site.

24 March 2019

  • New feature: API Keys can now be created so you can use the API with URLs that have the “Require Authentication” or “Password” options set.
  • Fix: It’s now possible to test Send Email actions before creating them. Prior to this, the Test button would not do anything for the Send Email action.

6 March 2019

  • New feature: Extract XPath Custom Action with accompanying xpath() WebhookScript function. Read more.

29 Feburary 2019

  • Values are no longer required for Condition actions, so it’s possible to compare an empty string or missing value.
  • Fixed an issue where a tooltip in the Custom Actions modal would not disappear.
  • Removed Beta label from WebhookScript.

27 Feburary 2019

  • Fixed a bug where slashes at the end of Single Page App URLs didn’t work.
  • Fixed a bug where Copy To CURL sometimes wouldn’t return a valid CURL command.

26 Feburary 2019

  • It’s no longer a requirement to specify a variable for the Send Request action.

25 Feburary 2019

  • New feature: It’s now possible to receive emails, which are treated like Webhooks – so you can automate emails with Custom Actions on You can also test email deliverability using DKIM, DMARC and SPF validation.
  • JSON formatting is now always enabled per default.
  • The requests view is cleared after deleting the last request, and the tutorial text is shown.

16 Feburary 2019

  • WebhookScript: Added regex_extract and regex_extract_first functions.

15 Feburary 2019

  • WebhookScript: Added hash function.

14 Feburary 2019

  • New feature: Export to CSV lets you export all requests on a given URL to a CSV file.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate in-app notifications would appear on new requests.

12 Feburary 2019

  • WebhookScript: Added url_encode, url_decode, and query functions.

8 Febuary 2019

  • New Custom Action type: Condition, which lets you conditionally stop a set of actions based on comparisons.

28 January 2019

  • WebhookScript now supports newline literals (\\n) in strings, escaped by 2 backslashes.

25 January 2019

  • Global Variables are now available in the Control Panel, which lets you keep configuration like API keys in a separate place from your Custom Actions and scripts while managing them at a central place.

  • Changed the font of the WebhookScript editor, which resulted in uneven selection of text.

23 January 2019

  • You can now specify a source variable for JSONPath and Regex actions, so you can extract text from not only the request content.

12 January 2019

  • Switched to using Ace as editor for WebhookScript.