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Math and Numbers


atan(number number) : number

cos(number number) : number

sin(number number) : number

tan(number number) : number

Hexadecimal & Binary

bin2hex(string data): string

Converts a binary tring to a hexadecimal representation.

hex2bin(string hex_string) : ?string

num2hex(number number) : string

hex2num(string hex_string) : number


abs(number number) : number

ceil(number number) : number

Rounds a number up to nearest integer.

floor(number number) : number

Rounds a number down to nearest integer.

is_numeric(any value) : bool

Returns true if value is numeric.


  • 12345 returns true.
  • "1.0" returns true.
  • null returns false.

max(array numbers) : number

min(array numbers) : number

mod(number number, number divisor) : number

Returns the remainder after number is divided by divisor.

number_length(number number) : number

pi() : number

Returns the value of Pi.

pow(number number, number power) : number

rand(number min, number max) : number

Returns a random number between min and max.

round(number number, number precision) : number

Rounds a number up with specified precision (number of digits after decimal point.)

round(1.39, 1) // -> 1.4

sqrt(number number) : number

to_number(any value) : number

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