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With Pro, you get more features that allows you to do more with your URL, as well as keep it private.

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Feature List

Custom Actions

Run scripts, send emails, HTTP requests and more on each request, and use native integrations like Google Sheets, Dropbox, Slack and others. Read more...


Request any URL or your Custom Actions automatically on an interval.

Private URLs

Either mark all URLs associated with your account as private, or just some, if you want to share the requests with others.

Password Protection

Share request data without it being public, but lets you protect it with a password without giving away the login to your account.

Non-expiring URLs

Non-upgraded URLs automatically expire in 7 days if no requests have been received. Your URL will always be static.

Server-side Redirects

Redirect or send requests to other URLs.

Vanity URLs

With vanity URLs, create a rememberable URL of your own choosing.


Unlimited Requests

Non-upgraded URLs can only receive a maximum of 500 requests. With Pro, there is no limit.

Unlimited URLs

You are not limited to any specific amount of URLs you can create - you can set up as many as you need.

CSV Export

Export all requests sent to a URL to a friendly CSV format that can be used elsewhere.