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With Basic, Pro and Enterprise subscriptions, you get more features that allows you to do more with your URL, as well as keep the data contained private and secure.

Free Basic Pro Enterprise
URLs n/a 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Schedules n/a 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Actions
Custom Addresses
Secure Data
Permanent URLs
CSV Export
Free Email Support
Custom Domain
Multi-User Support
Request History 100 (hard limit) 10.0002 10.0002 10.0002
URL/Email Address expiry 7 days1 Never expires Never expires Never expires
Data storage duration 7 days1 365 days 365 days 365 days
Pricing3 $9/month $90/year (save 20%) $18/month $180/year (save 20%) $49/month $499/year (save 20%)
  1. Free URLs and email addresses automatically expire and are permanently deleted after 7 days.
  2. Pro and Enterprise URLs accept an unlimited amount of requests or emails, but only the latest 10.000 are available. Older requests are removed periodically.
  3. All pricing in USD and excluding VAT. Local currency can be used at checkout.

Pro features

Create workflows with Custom Actions

Extract data, send emails and HTTP requests, upload files, run scripts and much more with Custom Actions that are run on each incoming request or email, with the Custom Actions builder.

Native integrations for AWS, Google Sheets, Slack, Dropbox, MySQL and others.

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Use Schedules by to send requests any URL or run your Custom Actions automatically on an interval. Use it for monitoring your Web site, clearing caches, and much more. Supports cron syntax, in addition to predefined intervals.

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Custom URLs and Emails

Get an address that's easy to remember:

(With Enterprise, you can even use your own domain name.)


Your data is secured in your account, and can be accessed by API Key or login. With the free version of, others can freely view the requests sent to your URL.

Permanent URLs

The URLs stay in your account forever, the 7-day auto expiration of the free version is removed.

Store more than 500 requests or emails

With the free version, URLs stop taking in new requests or emails after the 500 request limit is reached. With Pro, the limit of max 500 requests or emails per URL is removed and raised to 10.000 requests or emails, which are then rotated automatically.

Unlimited URLs

Create as many upgraded URLs or email addresses as you need at no extra cost.

CSV Export

Export all requests and emails to a CSV file.

Localhost Forwarding

Forward requests to your URL to your local network via CLI.

Email Support

We’ll help you troubleshoot and set up your Custom Actions and workflows.

Enterprise features

In addition to all Pro features, Enterprise also contains the following features:

Custom Domain

Use a your own (sub)domain for URLs and emails:

Additionally, provides an SSL certificate which is included free of charge with your Enterprise subscription.

Multi-User Support

Ideal for larger organizations, share URLs, schedules, and other data with the rest of the organization. Configure individual users' access with User Types like Administrator and Viewer, so some users may only view the content.

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