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Custom Action Variables

These functions lets you interface with other Custom Actions by getting and setting variables from them. These functions are also how you retrieve Global Variables defined in the Control Panel.

var(string variable_name, ?string/number default) : mixed

Retrieves the value of a Variable or Global Variable (defined in the Control Panel). The surrounding dollar signs are not mandatory.

Returns null (or default) if the variable does not exist.

var('request.header.x-request-verification') // returns value of the `x-request-verification` header

set(string variable_name, string variable_value)

Sets a Variable for usage in current action execution. The Variable is available to downstream actions, but not stored permanently.

store(string global_variable_name, any value): any

Permanently creates or updates a Global Variable (as defined in Control Panel.)

The value can also be retrieved with the var() function in subsequent action executions.

variables : array

A variable (not a function) containing an associative array with all available variables.

user_agent = variables['request.header.user-agent']