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About Functions

These are the functions that can be used in your script, and includes various utility functions and functions to interact with your URL.


Functions can be chained directly to a primitive (strings, numbers, arrays).

These two statements are equivalent:

'Hello World'.echo()
echo('Hello World')

They can even be chained, for example:

'Hello World'.hash('md5').echo() 

Furthermore, functions that begin in a type can be referenced without it, for example, when calling the format function with the first argument being a string, the language infers that actually the string_format function should be used.

echo(string_format('hello %s', 'world')) // hello world

'hello %s'.format('world').echo() // hello world

Read more about functions in the reference.

Custom functions

Define your own functions like this:

function sub(a, b) {
    return a - b;

Read more about functions in the reference.

Debugging and output

echo(...string string)

Adds string to script debug output.

dd(...any value)

Stops Custom Action execution and adds value to script debug output.

dump(...any value)

Adds value as a decoded string to script debug output.


type(any value) : string

Returns the type name of a value, e.g. "string".