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array_contains(array array, string/number needle) : bool

Returns true or false depending on whether array contains a value equal to needle.

To check whether a key exists, use the array_has function.

array_copy(array array) : array

Returns a copy of array

array_diff(array array1, array array2) : array

Returns the items of array1 that are not present in array2 while keeping the array indices.

array_get(array array, string/number index, any default) : any

array_has(array array, string/number key) : bool

Returns true if array contains key, and false if it does not.

To check whether a value exists, use the array_contains function.

array_keys(array array) : array

Returns the keys of an array.

array_length(array array) : number

array_map(array array, func function)

Runs function with each array value, and returns array with key as result

array_number_of(array, string/number value) : number

Returns amount of value

array_pop(array array) : any

Pop element off end of array

array_push(array array, any value) : any

Adds value to end of array and returns value

array_random(array array) : any

Returns random value of array

array_reverse(array array) : array

Returns array in reverse order

array_shuffle(array array) : array

Returns shuffled version of array

array_values(array array) : array

Returns the values of an array.

to_array(array array) : array

Returns array.